Recycling and melting furnace for silicon and metals
Cost-effective production of high-value solar silicon
Industry 4.0 – Analysis, assessment and optimization of silicon production
Inexpensive and quick testing of raw materials for silicon

JPM Silicon is developing innovative process solutions for the silicon and solar silicon industry.

With our technology and industrial solutions, we are lowering the production costs of silicon and solar silicon. From this, companies are profiting from the production of raw materials, silicon production and silicon refinement. For the entire value chain, we offer efficient energy and material solutions and thereby secure the competitiveness of our customers, from raw materials to recycling.


Cost-effective production of high-value solar silicon.

With our globally unique process, we dramatically lower the manufacturing costs for solar silicon. This is possible through the use of our efficient technology and thereby the associated benefits.


Recycling furnace for more economically efficient silicon production.

The melting process in our JPM Silicon melting furnace is energy efficient and offers additional value through raw material refinement. The concept is not just for silicon but is versatile to use.


Simple assessment of raw materials for the silicon industry

For the first time, it is possible to test raw materials with small amounts of material. With our new method in a microwave oven, it completes an analysis significantly quicker and more conveniently than with current testing procedures.


Industry 4.0 – Analysis, assessment and optimization of silicon production.

Together with partners from science and industry, we have developed a concept to optimize material flow in silicon production. We rely on avoiding waste and recycling.

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