Comprehensive: An integrated concept for optimization of silicon production.

Increasing of silicon quality by filtering impurities
Currently JPM Silicon is developing a filtration system that allows to increase the purity of melted silicon. This system is based on a unique microwave technique. Using our microwave technology, the impurities are to be filtered out of the liquid silicon using customized, specially developed filters. Therefore we are working hard on being able to serve the entire value chain from silicon metal over solar-grade silicon to semiconductor material.

Increasing Silicon Value
As the purity of silicon increases, the achievable price for the material on the market is higher. Correspondingly, the higher the purity grade, the higher the motivation to obtain it. So far the impurities have been removed using a complex method of material refining. The technology that currently is being developed by JPM Silicon provides the possibility to filter the material in direct connection of melting process to production in the plant.

Simple purpose, effective process
The innovative filtering process by JPM Silicon is able to increase the purity of materials directly at the place of production. This is currently being researched in cooperation with science and industry. The completion of the first customized trial system is announced for the year 2017. For silicon companies there is a possibility to participate in the new exclusive technology directly after the completion.

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