Economically reasonable: high-quality solar grade silicon can be produced cost-effectively

JPM Silicon – high-valued and cost-effective solar grade silicon

The production costs of solar silicon can be significantly reduced by using our technology. This is possible due to a technological change from arc furnace approach to the much more efficient microwave oven. In doing so, we start with the selection and preparation of suitable raw materials. The combination of raw materials-, process- and application know-how results in an overall concept for the cost-effective production of high-quality solar silicon.

Silicon as the raw material of a whole industry

The silicon resulted from the arc furnace is the raw material for the production of solar silicon. Quartz and coal react to silicon at temperatures above 2000°C. Silicon is used in the chemical industry as a raw material or as an alloying element in the aluminum and steel industries. For the use of silicon for the solar cells production, it needs to be purified by using complex methods. From about 98% to more than 99.9999 %. The purification of the raw silicon needs great technical and economic efforts that are based on methods developed in the middle of the last century.

Today`s production of solar silicon – like in the 1950s

The purification of the raw silicon is made by using hydrogen chloride. Silicon and hydrogen chloride yield to a gaseous compound (silane). Afterwards it has to be distilled and the necessary purity of >99.9999% is obtained. The final step in getting the solar silicon is the recovery of silicon in the Siemens reactor. The reactor was named after Siemens although the method had been used already in 1950s. The process for the production of solar silicon is very energy- and cost-intensive.

JPM Silicon pursues a radically innovative approach

JPM Silicon is a driver for an innovative, simple and cost-effective technology for the production of solar silicon. The equipment is getting smaller, cleaner and more efficient than before. Input products for the production of solar silicon is raw silicon or quartz and coal. That is why JPM Silicon starts from here by transformation high-purity raw materials into solar silicon using a simple but efficient method. JPM Silicons in the world unique combination of raw material and process know-how will lead to an unbeatable advantage in solar silicon production and therefore to cleaner energy

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