Innovative: Recycling furnaces for higher cost-efficiency in silicon production

JPM Silicon increases the efficiency in silicon production and has developed a worldwide unique method that makes it possible to recycle silicon waste economically. Until now it hasn´t been possible to melt down fine-grained silicon from crushing and grinding processes economically. Our technology has marked a milestone and has created something that hadn´t been technically possible before. That is what significantly increases material efficiency and profitability of production.

Cost savings through raw material efficiency

During silicon grinding, breaking and casting may result fine-grained losses. These losses can be mostly only exploited as by-products at a reduced price at the market. JPM Silicon provides a unique and cost-effective alternative for silicon dust recycling. A recyclable product arises from the low-value by-products. Thereby the molten silicon can be transferred into any desired form like granulate, block or liquid for further processing – therefore, JPM Silicon adapts easily to the customer needs.

New melting process increases product quality

Besides marketable product form, the product quality is significantly increased by melting process. On average, metallic impurities are reduced by 50%. Thus, the molten silicon is refined and can be sold at a higher price.

Flexibility in the production

Using the innovative melting process JPM Silicon is able to melt silicon dust effectively. Using conventional technologies, it has not been possible before. For this purpose, JPM Silicon provides the unique microwave ovens that are compact, scalable and customized in usage.

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