About us

Energy is one of the big issues of our time. As a consequence of the growing importance of renewable energy, including solar energy, great challenges exists for all participants. We at JPM Silicon are active on this very issue. Our goal is to make solar energy more beneficial. We are therefore concentrating on a sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective extraction of solar silicon as a starting material for solar cells.

Our innovation as a driving force in the industry

Since the founding of JPM Silicon GmbH in 2010, our range of services has continually expanded. Today, we provide support for the entire silicon and solar silicon industry with energy-efficient and cost-effective concepts and technology – from the raw materials for silicon up to recycling.

Persistence and technical innovative capability

Already in 2001, the founder of the company Jan-Philipp Mai initially investigated the possibility of extracting silicon. In 2007, the first patent emerged from this for the extraction of silicon in a microwave oven. Research, development and expansion of the technology has been conducted since 2010 when JPM Silicon GmbH was founded. The company currently employs more than ten highly qualified employees at its headquarters in Braunschweig.



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